What is the "Do It Yourself" Custom Design Package?
The "Do It Yourself" Custom Design Package allows you to create your very own custom Drum Slip using your own artwork with our Custom Design Templates.

IMPORTANT: "Do It Yourself" Custom Design Packages require you to open, edit, and save the Custom Design Template in your own graphic design software to upload your custom artwork. If you are not familiar with graphic art software, and do not consider yourself to be a graphic artist, it will be necessary for you to locate an artist to assist you with the placement of your custom design on the Custom Drum Slip Template. If you prefer ON2 Percussion to handle the creation of your custom Drum Slips, click here to learn about the ON2 Custom Design Package that allows you to work directly with the ON2 Percussion Design Team to have them create your artwork.

The Steps Involved:
1. Download the Custom Design Templates for your equipment and place your artwork on your template using your own graphic design software.
Once you have placed your artwork on the template, save the file. Visit the template help pages below for assistance.
Purchase the Custom Design Package(s) for your corresponding equipment here.
Once you purchase the Custom Design Package(s), you will be directed to upload the template you saved with your artwork on it.
Once you upload your template with your artwork on it, it will be reviewed by our design team. (this process takes 24 hours)
If you have placed the artwork on your template correctly, your custom order will be manufactured and shipped within 7-14 business days.
Your Custom Drum Slips will arrive at your doorstep!

Click here for information about placing your artwork on Custom Design Option Snare Templates.

Click here for information about placing your artwork on Custom Design Option Tenor Templates.

Click here for information about placing your artwork on Custom Design Option Bass Templates.

Select your equipment brand below to download the Custom Design Option Templates:

For more information about purchasing the "Do It Yourself" Custom Design Package, please read the information below:
***ON2 Percussion does not assist with the design portion of the "Do It Yourself" Custom Design Package.***

With the Custom Design Package you will select whether you want to add or exclude the emblem incision on your Custom Drum Slips, the type of drum that your Custom Drum Slips will be for, and the quantity of Custom Drum Slips that you want for that specific type of drum. Once you purchase the Custom Design Package, you will download the Custom Design Package Template and place your artwork in the file on the corresponding template for your equipment.

Once you place your artwork in the Custom Design Package Template, save the file and upload to ON2 Percussion. Keep in mind that the order processing time will not initiate until you submit your template, and that order processing will begin as soon as we receive, review, and confirm that your template was created correctly. Submitted Templates require 24 hours to be reviewed for approval. ON2 Percussion requires 7-14 business days to process orders after templates are reviewed with no errors before they are shipped.

Once you add your Custom Design Package to your cart and checkout, you will be directed to upload the template with your artwork on it for your equipment.
All Custom Design Packages include all templates for that specific Brand and variation of drums. 

Does this option seem too complicated? Check out the ON2 Custom Design Package to have the Official ON2 Percussion Design Team create your custom artwork.

Not wanting a custom design? Check out our massive library of over 250 stock library designs!

Questions about payment? Visit the Payment Info page here.